Job Coaches

Meet our Job Coaches!

The main focus of Westflex is to match employees to our clients. To improve this process, we use Job Coaches.
The Westflex Job Coaches are the central contact point for our customers, as well our employees. Every client of Westflex has its own Job Coach. The Job Coaches listen to the wishes and the goals of our customers, so they can recruit people with the best suiting skills and experiences. Our Job Coaches not only help with the recruitment process, but also with questions in general, salaries, accommodation, problems, etc. This helps to improve the quality of work.

What does a Job Coach do?

The Job Coaches help the customers, as well our employees. The specific activities are:

  • Registration and the intake of people who look for a job
  • Listening to the wishes of the clients
  • Making the perfect match with employees and clients
  • Customer support service
  • Keep in touch with manager(s) and stakeholders
  • Hour registration of the employees
  • Help with questions or problems from clients and/or temporary workers
  • Support during and after working hours

Would you like to receive more information about the Westflex Job Coaches?
Please contact us at 📞 0174 519 549.

Meet your Job Coach!