Friends Reward Program

Earn up to € 150,- NET bonus!

Are you excited about working at Westflex and do you want others to be working with us too? Super cool! If you sign up your friends, family and/or acquaintances with us as a new employee, you can receive €100,- net bonus as our loyal employee.
People with private accommodation are also welcome to join us.

Extra bonus for drivers

Do you know someone who wants to work for our company who owns a driving license and who wants to be a driver in his car or in a company car? Then you receive an extra bonus! For every employee that will work for our company as a driver, we will pay you an extra bonus of € 50,-. In total you will receive a bonus of € 150,- !



Sign up and earn your bonus!



Terms and conditions

• Only people working at Westflex can sign up a new employee. So this promotion is only valid for employees of Westflex.

• This promotion is only valid for employees of Westflex who completely fill in the and submit this form as of April 2. All registrations made before this date are excluded from this promotion.

• This promotion is valid only with a fully completed application form via our website.
Sending emails, letters, WhatsApp messages, phone calls and/or other forms of communication regarding this promotion will not be accepted.

• This promotion is only valid if the person who filled in the form (an employee of Westflex) and the new employee work for us for 12 working weeks or more.
Vacations, days off and sick days do not count towards the 12 working weeks.

• The bonus applies per registered person.

• Each employee of Westflex can register a maximum of 10 new employees.
This means that the bonus can be earned a total of 10 times.

• Only the person who filled in the form (an employee of Westflex) will receive a bonus.
The signed up new employee will not receive a bonus.

• Only people who have never worked before for a company of House of Work (EG Personeelsdiensten, Westflex, ICE Agency and FlexWorx!) can be registered as new employees via this form.

• If multiple employees of Westflex sign up the same person as a new employee, only the first application we received will get the bonus.

• After a new employee is signed up through this form on our website, this new employee must be started working by us within one month (max. 30 days) after filling in the form.

• This promotion is only valid for the application of temporary employees.